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Diamond Cunningham


Mother’s Day

Gift your mom with a beauty enhancement!
Full enhancement of her choice includes strip lashes (optional).
Purchase now , receive service later!
(Certificate is valid for 30 days. Services must be rendered within 30 days of purchase. Scheduled dates are based upon availability during regular business hours)


Gift card value $80.

1 Day Protege'(please read entire description)

Spend one entire day(6~8hrs) with renown makeup artist Kim Colvin (kimmuacolvin) and see first hand the infamous enhancements the artist provides. Get up close and personal with the artist learning everything to getting started,building,maintaining,managing,marketing,branding and more.
The one day protege shadow opportunies are only available on Friday's and Saturday's. Hours range according to artists schedule for the particular date booked (based upon the day's schedule).
If you are seeking technique enhancements, skill assurance or insight of the day as makeup artist , get started on your dreams and shadow for a day!

Note: the full total is $250.00. Half is required to secure date. The reamaining balance is do 24hrs prior to shadow date. An invoice for the balance will be emailed via paypal. Deposits are non refundable.